Puget Sound Flyers

non profit flying Club located at Paine Field, WA


Puget Sound Flyers is a nonprofit (Registered State of Washington) Flying Club located at Paine Field (KPAE) offering recreational flyers the chance to have fun, keep flying and get the best value in flying in the Northwest.

Our planes are exceptionally well maintained and hangared providing you a comfortable place to get yourself and your companions ready to fly. This also allows us to preheat the aircraft in the winter months keeping the planes ready and frost free for those early morning flights.

Membership is easy: Initiation fee gives you a POH for each plane and 24 hour access to planes. Dues are simple: Pre-purchase two hours each month and maintain a positive balance on your account. Keep in force a non-owners (renters) insurance. Oh, and FLY!


Richard T. Newman

Club President

  • 16700+ hours of General Aviation and corporate flying
  • 4500+ hours as an aviation instructor
  • Airline Transport Pilot with Single- and Multi-engine Land certifications
  • Certified Flight Instructor for Airplane, S&MEL, and Instrument
  • Graduate Magna Cum Laude of Old Dominion University, M.S. Education
  • Graduate Magna party of University of Houston, B.A. Business Administration
  • 24 year career as officer in the United States Army (in Artillery, so speak loudly)
  • Proud father of a wonderful little girl who does not know she wants to be a pilot

Board of Directors


President – Richard T. Newman

Treasurer – Oren Katzen

Secretary – Christopher C. Crickmer

Director of Maintenance – Richard Wilson





Our Club Members


The members of Puget Sound Flyers are a mix of people, from fresh Private Pilots to more experienced folk.

Our members are encouraged to be engaged in the club and participate in various club activities such as annual inspections, regular maintenance, which helps our club to keep our cost down and our members to learn more about the insides of our planes.